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A world healed through generosity

God so loved the world that he gave…

Generosity inspired by love is at the heart of the good news of Jesus. The sad thing is that so few people have experienced the transformation that comes from embracing the generosity that Jesus spoke of and lived out every day.

Generosity Path is building a movement to see God’s Kingdom come through releasing individual hearts to live generously. We believe this has the power to not only change their lives, but to bring positive and powerful change for churches, communities, countries and the entire world.

We do this through the carefully-crafted Journey of Generosity – a simple, interactive course that creates a space for people to have a conversation about faith, life and money. To ensure you are always in control, we are committed to never ask you for money, or allow anyone else to, at our events.

We have already seen thousands of lives all around the world, freed to live more generously than they might ever have thought possible.

What are you waiting for?

Our team live and work across the globe, mirroring our ambition to see a generosity movement in every country.

Daryl Heald

Daryl Heald

For more than twenty years, our founder Daryl Heald has travelled internationally sharing the message of biblical generosity. From the founding of our mother organisation, Generous Giving, in 2000, through the official launch of Generosity Path in 2017, to present day, Daryl is our biggest cheerleader and champion! Daryl began his career as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, USA, and has worked with families on four continents regarding their philanthropy.
Emanuel Bistrian

Emanuel Bistrian

Executive Director
In 2020, Emanuel Bistrian joined as our Executive Director. He lives in Cluj, Romania where he also runs an award-winning real estate company, is President of GiveFirst Foundation, and serves on multiple charity boards.

Partner with us

We want to see the world healed through generosity.

No doubt, our ambition is undeniable huge. What gives us hope is the heart transformation we see in the lives of individuals who participate in a Generosity Path experience. The hearts of these individuals is where it all begins, but this is never our endpoint.

We see individuals empowered by the realisation that everyone has something to give.

We see business leaders transforming nations through the funds they release for God’s kingdom.

We see ministries energised and challenged.

The local church strengthened.

The Gospel lived out in new and exciting ways.

As hearts are opened to God’s healing work, with the local church at its core, millions of lives are transformed, billions of dollars are released toward global ministry, and God’s kingdom breaks through on earth.

Could you partner with us to see this reality come into being? You may have a network you could share the Journey of Generosity with, or you may want to join our team of funders, playing a key role in helping us to catalyse a new movement of generosity and see God’s Kingdom break through on earth.

Partner with us

Work for us

At Generosity Path we exist to see hearts fully surrendered to Jesus through radical generosity. Our goal is to have an active presence in every country by 2027, resulting in an unprecedented global movement of generosity. Ready to take up the challenge with us?

Volunteer Manager

You will support the sustainable growth of the Generosity Path team on a global scale, through the development and delivery of a winning global volunteer strategy, ensuring every one of our 35 sub-regions and 194 countries has a volunteer team within the next 5 years.

5 days per week (full-time)