How would the world look better because of your giving?  

If you want your generosity to make an impact, the Journey of Generosity is an adventure you want to go on! 

Designed to help you explore Jesus-like generosity through conversations with your people, it gives you tools to uncover the resources God has given you and the causes you are most passionate about.  

Through joining us on the journey, you will:

  • talk openly and confidently about generosity.
  • build a deeper connection within your community.
  • experience the wonder in discovering how you are uniquely called to give.

Journey of Generosity

A Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a gathering for Christians who want to explore the joy and freedom of living generously, without being directed what and where to give. It comprises stories of generous givers from around the world, interactive discussions with your peers, studying God’s word, and opportunities for personal reflection.

The JOG is an immersive experience, designed for each participant to explore their own journey with God in living generously, without any pressure to give.

HubSpot Video
“The Journey of Generosity helped me to better understand what generosity is. After it, I asked myself this question: Does my generosity cost me?"

Who should go?

If you've ever wondered:

Is giving just about money? What does being a joyful giver actually mean? Why do I feel directed to give to certain things? Can generosity really impact and shape my family, business, church...?

The Journey of Generosity is for you.

Everyone is welcome! Come and delve into God’s design for generosity and think about what that means in your life and circumstance.

If you have been invited to a JOG, someone already believes you are generous and knows you’ll find joy exploring this life-giving message even further.

Is there a hidden agenda?

Oftentimes when Christians talk about money and giving, they want something from you. Generosity Path is privately funded, so we will never ask you for money. Ever. In fact, all our hosts sign a declaration that they will not promote specific ministries or giving opportunities at their JOGs, meaning each one remains a completely safe space to explore the topic of generosity.

Here is our agenda: we want to give you the gift of conversation. We want your heart to be captured by Jesus-like generosity, and we want to create a place for you to figure out what that means for your specific journey. We don’t want something from you, we want something for you.

“I have often been shown generosity that I did not deserve. It made me very happy, humbled and encouraged me to offer the same to others... Now I understand that it is generosity that changes the lives and thinking of people who around them see only greed and indifference."

We’ve made it super easy to host - here's how:


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Relish in the experience! 

When you’re ready, choose a date, invite your guests, and watch what God reveals.

Ready to host a Journey of Generosity?

Hosting a JOG has never been easier. With all our content now curated online, you can access it easily wherever you are. All you need to do is register on our online platform, invite 6-10 people to join you in-person or via video conferencing, and press play! It’s as simple as that.

"I liked that there was an acknowledgment that it is not all about money - some have little to give financially, but lots of other gifts and talents that can go unnoticed, undervalued, or simply ignored."

A Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a gathering of friends and/or family focused on the joy of living generously. The video facilitation includes stories of generous givers, interactive conversation starters, and Bible study that enables participants to process the biblical message of generosity. 

There is never a cost to access the Journey of Generosity videos and materials, but we do encourage hosts to offer a meal to their guests.

The Journey of Generosity takes around six hours to complete. We highly recommend offering an immersive experience over the course of one day or, if needed, split between two back-to-back days (for example, a Friday evening and Saturday morning). This structure allows the gathering to feel like a true getaway from the demands of everyday life and helps ensure that all participants are present for the entire experience.

You can! We highly recommend hosting in person when possible, but you can absolutely host online when circumstances require it.

Generosity Path is privately funded, so you’ll never be asked for money. Ever. Here is our agenda: we want to give you the gift of conversation. We want your heart to be captured by Jesus and generosity and to create a place to figure out what that means for your journey. In other words, we don’t want something from you, we want something for you.

Nope! We never tell people how they should give, where they should give, or how much they should give. In fact, all our hosts sign a promise not to allow the promotion of specific ministries or giving opportunities so that this stays a completely safe place to explore generosity.

Anyone who you think would love learning about Christ's call to live generously. Many invite friends, family, co-workers, or people from their churches. We recommend no more than 6-10 people for each retreat (don’t worry — you can host multiple!).

This version of the Journey of Generosity is currently available in English only, but we do have JOGs available with live facilitation in other languages. If you’ve been invited to a JOG in another language, please speak to your host for further information. We hope to add more languages soon!

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"In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, I participated in a JOG. I was so impacted that I
immediately decided to host my own, and begun by inviting my pastor. Little did I know that God had already been leading the pastor to address the topic of biblical generosity more with our congregation! After our church leadership experience the JOG they were so moved that they decide to make it part of our annual church retreat. Close to 100 people showed up in it with wonderful testimonials still in the making as the church continues to expand and reach the world for Christ!"