Partnering with Generosity Path

At Generosity Path we love to help business owners, business leaders, and professionals accept Jesus’ invitation on to a path of generosity with joyful anticipation. We equip our partners, who are passionate about seeing generosity spread in their part of the world, by training them as volunteer hosts and facilitators of our retreats. We provide all of the training, materials, and resources for our retreats free of charge and without any obligation.

Some of our partners are leadership/training organisations who already gather people together and they incorporate the Journey of Generosity Retreat into their existing programme.

Others give this retreat as a blessing to their donors & stakeholders, so these individuals can build community with like-minded people.

There are many ways to imagine partnering with Generosity Path. The most important question is: if one of your donors attends a Journey of Generosity and increases their giving to another organisation, would you still consider that a win for the Kingdom because of their heart of generosity? If so, running Journey of Generosity Retreats may be a great idea for you.


Find out more

To find out more about partnering with Generosity Path, check out our Partnership document and speak with someone on our team by contacting