Our desire is for hearts to be captured by Jesus’ teaching that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We want our retreat participants to feel liberated by having like-minded people to speak with, and be inspired to build community in their giving.

It all started with four friends...

In the late 90s giving was at an all-time low and we wanted to help reverse this trend. We began meeting with people we knew who were living radically generous lives and were inspired to see that they were marked by joy, freedom, and fruitfulness. Our own paradigms about wealth shifted in beautiful ways and naturally we began to adopt a more generous life.  

We began asking the question,

“What if more of us had these conversations? Imagine new family legacies built on generosity with new generations of children growing up with this rich tradition. Imagine all the resources we could free up. Imagine all the good we could do.”

So, we invited more friends into the conversations with us. Every time we get together, we find that our hearts transform and our lives change. 

In 2000, the Maclellan Foundation funded the launch of Generous Giving in the United States to create a safe and neutral place, joined by other givers. People around the world started asking us to bring these conversations into their country and in their language, so in 2017, Generosity Path was created to take this conversation global. We are still privately funded today, so we never have to raise money at any of our events.