Lee Behar

Lee Behar is the Senior Director of Finance for Generosity Path and he also serves as the Regional Director for Eurasia. Lee Behar served as the Chief Operating Officer for Generous Giving before joining the staff of Generosity Path in 2015.

Lee also serves at the Maclellan Foundation, which he joined in May 2006.  His focus for the Foundation is Europe, Eurasia and the Turkic world. Prior to coming to the Foundation, Lee led the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting, a multi-agency partnership focused on empowering national church planters in Central and Eastern Europe. 

He has also served as the Associate Director of Global Outreach at Perimeter Church near Atlanta.  He holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas Christian University and is CPA.  He has appeared in Christian Management Report, the Evangelical Missions Quarterly and The Gathering. 

Lee and his wife, Brooke, live in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, USA, with their three children, Mckenna, Knox, and Emelyn.