Catherine Muthey

Catherine Muthey is the Global Prayer Intercessor for Generosity Path. Catherine prays for every Generosity Path retreat that happens across the globe and calls out for God to meet each and every attendee.

She knows that we can do nothing on our own and spends time in prayer and fasting for people to experience the joy of being near the Father and the courage to engage in radical generosity.

She walks alongside us all and teaches us how to rely on God more and more each day. Catherine desires to see God's people being generous not only with their resources, but with their prayers as well. She worked in the marketplace for many years, in human resources, marketing and business development.

Catherine is now an intercessor for various ministries, including Generosity Path. Catherine holds undergraduate degrees in Human Resources and International Business and a graduate degree in Public Administration and Business.

She lives in Kansas, USA and is always opening up her home and her heart to those who need a bit of love and encouragement. She would love to pray with you too. You can reach Catherine at