Life that Is Truly Life

Walk with us on the path of generosity towards a life filled with joy.


Life that Is Truly Life

Walk with us on the path of generosity towards a life filled with joy.


Welcome to the generosity movement

We envision a vibrant global community of givers who follow Jesus,
whose hearts are transformed, who put their generous intent into action, and who give with others. 

Some places we've gathered recently:


Manila, Philippines - September
Chisinau, Moldova - September
Norrahammar, Sweden - September
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - September 
Jakarta, Indonesia - October 
Shanghai, China - October
Hyderabad, India - October
Changi Cove, Singapore - November
Chennai, India - November    

Waterberg, South Africa - November
Prague, Czech Republic - November
Bristol, United Kingdom - December
Belgrade, Serbia - December
Budapest, Hungary - December
Hong Kong, China - December
Awasa, Ethiopia - December
Sydney, Australia - December
Giurgiu, Romania - December




 It's a time of refreshment and being challenged.  It is a safe place where we will never ask you for money.

It is a place where you can interact with others who are also entrusted with much.

Participation in the Celebration of Generosity is by invitation only. 

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We facilitate safe conversations around the biblical message of generosity.


We facilitate safe conversations around the biblical message of generosity.

Generosity Path will never ask you for money.  We are privately funded by a group of Christian givers.

 During our time together, we place Christ at the center and remove anxiety.  


We explore God’s Word, reflect, and view stories of how God has captured givers' hearts. By being together with other generous people, whom God has entrusted with much, God lifts our eyes and renews our hearts, reminding us of the joy of a life truly lived. 


Our Stories

Lives transformed through the power of generosity.

Our Stories

Lives transformed through the power of generosity.

Three Lessons on Giving from SURYA GUNADI

Three Lessons on Giving from Suparno Adijanto

Surya Gunadi.png

1. Recognize how amazing it is that the word became flesh

Surya was on track to become a Buddhist monk. At Christmastime, we always remember that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” This has special meaning for Surya. “I was eighteen years old and three months away from becoming a Buddhist monk,” says Surya. “I thought Buddha was just a man who died and people worshipped him, and Jesus was just a man and people worshipped him. So what’s the difference between them and me? Maybe someday I could become like them and someone will worship me.”

But the book pointed to John 1. “I had all the holy books at home,” explains Survya, “so I looked up John 1. I was shocked! I thought man could become God. But ‘the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.’ It’s not about man becoming God; God became man. I realized that Jesus is from the beginning and is God Himself, born as a man.” Merry Christmas!

2. Even in tragedy, follow God's pillar of cloud and fire

“Two years ago, my wife and my son passed away,” says Surya. “I waited until I was 37 to get married on September 26, 2010; we were married five years and tried to have a baby through IVF (got 5 embryos in December 2013), but failed... But in September 2014, a pastor prophesied that my wife and my sister would become pregnant next year. And they did. God gave us double miracles in January 2015.”

Then, Surya’s wife delivered his son prematurely on July 16, 2015; she passed away from a ruptured liver two days later. Seventy days after that (September 25, 2015), the son for whom Surya had prayed passed away as well. Surya recounts, “I asked God, ‘What happened? Why did you take my wife and my son? What do you want from me, God?’ Then I got this rhema from God. I thought of myself as one of the Jewish people following the pillar of cloud and fire. Then, the pillar stopped, and stayed for a day, and then a week, and then a month. So I started to plant [figurative] trees, make more permanent dwellings, and make a life at the place where the pillar stopped. And then, the pillar started moving again. So, I had a choice. Do I stay with the life I thought I was going to have with my wife and my son? Or do I follow the pillar?” Following God’s pillar has led Surya to a fiancée; he will be remarried next year (January 2018).

3. serve God in the Marketplace

“Some people think you should leave your career and your job to follow God,” says Surya. “I thought I might become a pastor, but He showed me that my calling is to serve God in the marketplace. The marketplace has great potential. Through the marketplace I’ve been introduced to government leaders, military leaders, and business leaders. I get to share my testimony and I’ve seen people give their lives to Jesus,” says Surya.

1. What do you hold in your hands?

“Upon graduating, I worked in the family business,” Suparno explains. “I had a low starting salary, so I pondered how to serve the Lord through giving. I decided, besides money, to give more time and talents to God’s work. Over the years, my salary increased and I was able to increase my giving while maintaining a faithful application of my time and talents. God asked Moses, ‘What do you hold in your hands?’ I realized that I could use the businesses and resources entrusted to me to do good works.”

2. Take an annual stewardship retreat.

“Every year I spend a day to review my stewardship of the four Ts: my time, treasure, talents, and truth. About ten years ago, the Lord challenged me to multiply myself by teaching and mentoring more young people in stewardship.” Through Crown Financial Ministries, “we started going around the country teaching people how to manage money God’s way.” About four years ago, Suparno co-founded the Kingdom Entrepreneurship Academy to equip entrepreneurs to honor the Lord in business.

3. Remember you will be called to Account.

“At the end of my life, God will call me to account for that which He entrusted to me,” says Suparno. “2 Corinthians 4:18 became my life verse. It encourages us to focus on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. Certain things, such as the souls of men and doing God’s work, will stand with me for eternity. But worldly things like money, material possessions, and fame are temporal.”