Below are a list of suggested prayers or key areas for you to pray for ahead of your Journey of Generosity.

Lord, if there’s anything in my heart as facilitator that could get in the way of you speaking directly through me, please help me to confess it so that I can be fully present as your vessel.

Father, give me as much love and compassion as I can bear for each person in the room

Father, help me model generosity in the way that I interact with the whole group as I lead the Journey of Generosity.

Father, lead my thoughts and, by the power of your spirit, direct me to the right questions, and to call on the right participants. Make me the pipe that your Holy Spirit flows through into that room.

Father, build a sense of anticipation in each participant. Help them arrive expecting you to do something great, ready for something big and radical to happen. I pray that many of the participants will think, “This is exactly the message that I’ve been waiting to hear!”

Pray for all the logistics (everything that need to be arranged beforehand).

Pray specifically for blessing on the host and his/her family. Also, for protection.

Pray for people to respond to the invitation. Satan will do everything to prevent people from coming. Pray that couples will attend together.

Pray individually for those that have responded. That they will have an encounter with the Lord. That they will really walk away with an understanding of the joy of giving.

Pray for yourself. We are sometimes a hinderance because we want to help the Holy Spirit along.

Pray for protection for those traveling