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1. Funerals Remind Us that It’s Not Ours.
“I keep coming back to this: He owns everything,” says Francisco. “If I think that by any measure I own it, I am hallucinating. I live in a very violent country and I’m part of a pastoral team at our church. We got to funerals all the time. I can’t remember going to a funeral as a kid. The first one I think was being 12 or 14. I never went to funerals. Now we go all the time. And, really, you realize that they’re not taking anything with them. That’s stuck in my head. They steal phones here all the time. That’s a constant reminder that you don’t get to keep it. All this stuff is honestly not mine. So I ask with money, given how much it will grow and how much I want to give, how do I die with nothing?” Francisco repeats for emphasis, “With nothing. How much do I need to give every year in order to die with nothing?”

2. Wealth Brings Burden.
“When I was first exposed to major givers,” says Francisco, “it was long before I had money myself. It was eye-opening to see that this is something they take seriously.  God gave them incredible resources. There’s a burden to that. They said, ‘We’re going to be responsible to come before the Lord and He’ll ask us what we did with all that.’ God didn’t give to me so that so I could have another boat, another house. He gave that so His Kingdom would be advanced. From that, I learned to explore what the Bible say about money and generosity. We all need to have a worldview on that.”

3. Seeing the Work Up Close Captures Your Heart.
Francisco isn’t content to just give financially. “A good friend of mine who is very well off took me into the slums of our country. His wife works there with gangs and stuff like that. They have an education program that’s unbelievable. They’re in the devil’s throat down these ravines. The stench of death is there. They’re setting up feeding programs and school programs.” While some givers would be put off, Francisco is energized. “I look at that poverty and say, ‘What am I going to do now? I have to help however I can.’ So we contribute. God gives us opportunities like that to see and then to support the work.