Choose dates that work for you and your friends.

We recommend two half days (starting at 2:00 PM on day #1 and ending around noon on day #2). This overnight experience creates more margin to allow the message to significantly penetrate the participants’ hearts.

Most events take place on Fridays/Saturdays. Logistically, most people can more easily take a ½ day off work (Friday afternoon) than earlier in the week. Also, people prefer to spend their Saturday morning away from home rather than an entire weekend.

Thursday/Friday events are also popular. If those you are inviting have a more flexible weekday schedule, this may be the best option so that they still have their weekends free.

Once the dates for your JOG are determined, contact  We will add your JOG to our master calendar so that we can begin planning and praying on our end. This will also allow us to start looking for an available facilitator.