Facilitating a JOG


Facilitating a JOG

The Process

Detail any necessary overview of the process here, as Jo deems helpful.



Preparing to Facilitate

After you have received your Facilitator training, you are ready to facilitate.  If you would like to review what it takes to facilitate well, you can download our equipping guide.  Please let us know if you have any questions!


Written Resouces

Written Resouces

Workbooks for your JOG

These document links can be shared with a local printer. If you will not be printing these materials yourself, please let us know.


Facilitator's Workbook

The facilitator's workbook is available for download below.  You will need one copy of this workbook to refer to during the facilitating of your Journey of Generosity.

Participant's Workbook

The participant's workbook is available for download below. You will need one book for each participant at your Journey of Generosity. 




We recommend that you do not stream these videos during your JOG.  

It is best to download them to a folder on your computer ahead of time.  For AV Instructions please click here.


Why attend a Journey of Generosity?

These are our most popular tool for explaining the purpose and vision of a Journey of Generosity.  Share this with your friends to show why they should attend.




To preview the videos you would like to show during your JOG see below.  When you have decided which videos to show, download them rather than streaming them.  More instructions here.


God Owns Our Business

Katherine and Alan Barnhart made it their business not to get rich. They told God that, if He prospered their company, they would use it for the Kingdom. Alan winsomely tells the story of God’s richness toward them and their journey to live the life that is truly life.

Bishop Hannington

In 2001 Western Uganda was at war. One town led by Hannington Bahemuka chose to focus on what they had and trust God to rebuild their war-torn town through their own generosity.


A Handful of Rice

Called to serve God from the corner of the kitchen, where no one but God sees their generosity, the women of Mizoram, in northeastern India, have created a culture of generational generosity.


Pete Ochs purposed to be as successful as possible so he could give 10% to God. The Ochs had big plans for the other 90% until God got a hold of his heart. They are sharing money -- and more -- with local inmates, proving that generosity can change lives and our world.


Work Like a Doctor, Live Like a Nurse

Renee Lockey....

The Hsieh Family

Tom and Bree Hsieh may seem average, but their lives are anything but typical. Having accumulated significant wealth in the technology era, they chose a different path that has led to joy and freedom.



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Pastor Tim Keller discusses the Apostle Paul's address to the Ephesian elders in recalling the words of Jesus Christ, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). With humor and great wisdom, Keller's words reveal some surprising truths that hit close to home.