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Making Money for God   

There are certain people who are gifted to make money in their business for God.  We read about this gift in Romans 12 amongst the gifts mentioned there is the gift of giving. A man asked me this question (somewhat facetiously, I think) after I had given a Bible study on the gifts listed in Romans 12, “If I do not have the gift of giving, does that mean that I do not have to give?”

I said, “No, Scripture teaches that everyone is required to give, but some have a special gift that enables them to make wise investments or establish sound businesses so that they can make a special contribution to God’s Church and Christian causes.”

God calls some people to go into business as definitely as he calls some into the Christian ministry. There they may use their powers of expansion for God.

Someone asked a woman who had given her life to the cause of street children what made her do it. She said, “I looked into the faces of the street children, and then I looked into the face of Christ, and I gave my life to bring the two of them together.”

A businessman came to me when I was a pastor in a London city church and said he wanted to start a business and would I pray with him. Before I pray I said, “What is the purpose of your business?”  He said, “To provide for my family, to educate my children, and to leave an inheritance for my family.”  I said, “If that is your only goal I am afraid I can’t pray with you... what about the needs of the world, the church, the poor and so on.”

That led to a very interesting conversation that went on for several hours but it resulted in that businessman going into business with a lightness of step, a sureness of direction, and a sense of mission.  He committed himself to the goal of not just meeting the needs of his family but to giving away as much as possible to the work of God. As he launched his business I arranged a special commissioning service for him. I told the people gathered that that he had been called to ministry to use his special gifts for the expansion of the work of God.

A story is told of a visitor who came to London during the time of the construction of St Paul’s Cathedral, the architect of which was Sir Christopher Wren. He stopped at the construction site and asked some of the workman what they were doing.  One said, “I am working to get money to keep my family.” Another said, “I am working here because this is the kind of work I have been trained to do.” A third man said, “I am helping Sir Christopher Wren build a great cathedral.” 

It is not enough to build a business in order to help your family, and educate your children and so on; there must be a bigger vision than that. Many business people get bogged down with making money in business and have no concern for the rest of the world. Much more than this, we are here on earth to help Jesus Christ build his kingdom and help carry his message to the ends of the earth. When we understand and do this, then we experienced a firm sense of cosmic backing. We are creators working under the great Creator.

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