Danie V headshot.jpg

Danie was in pastoral ministry for 21 years, of which the last 15 years he spent as senior pastor of a vibrant missional church, which he planted in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. This church grew from a handful of people to just over 1,200 members. He also planted 38 more churches from this local church.

After his years in pastoral ministry, Danie established DAWN Africa, a church planting organization that focused on church planting mobilization in Sub-Sahara Africa. Within an 8-year period, church planting movements were started in 30 African countries. Danie is often referred to as the “White African with the heart of a Black Man” because of his understanding of and identification with the African culture.

During the last 9 years Danie devoted his time to the philanthropy space, assisting several American based foundations with their granting in Sub-Sahara Africa. Maclellan Foundation employed Danie as a consultant to assist them in their Africa granting. He then became the Executive Manager of the Mergon Foundation, responsible for granting in Sub-Sahara Africa as well as North Africa and the Middle East.

Danie has recently retired from his position at Mergon Foundation to dedicate his time to developing “Journey of Generosity” within Sub-Sahara Africa - a partnership between Generosity Path and Mergon.

He and his wife Cherise, a film producer, who is also producing Journey of Generosity videos for the Africa market, live in Cape Town, South Africa.