Ashley serves as the Operations and Special Projects Director for Generosity Path and brings with her both corporate and philanthropic experience. Before serving as the Executive Director of the Stoller Foundation and the Founder of Serve Houston, she spent the first part of her career as a landman in the Oil and Gas Industry diagnosing areas of opportunity and designing structures to execute sophisticated strategy. Ashley is passionate about helping others realize the value of their unique contribution (experience, skill set, and finances) and how to use it to benefit others. Ashley views the world from a lens of opportunity. She loves taking complex problems and breaking them into puzzle pieces to see how they can form a solution. At the Stoller Foundation, in addition to awarding grants to existing ministries, Ashley and her team created an incubator program that launched four charities addressing some of the communities biggest needs. One of those was Serve Houston, which Ashley created and founded. Serve Houston mobilizes young professionals to find meaningful opportunities and connect with charities using their professional skills and expertise. Ashley holds a MA in Human Resource Development and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, spending time with friends, and traveling to experience different cultures across the world.